2965 East 3435 South

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

Phone: (801) 466-4214


“At the Reid School we educate the whole child” — Dr. Ethna R. Reid, PhD

Accredited by the AdvancED (First through Twelfth Grade).  Validated by the U.S. Department of Education
(Preschool through 12th Grade).

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

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Why Choose Us?

Reid School emphasizes a child-centered program!  Read more about our program.

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Parent & Student Reviews

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Why Reid School?

Talented, Skillful, and Responsive Staff

Reid School is a child-centered school.  The needs of the individual child are taken into consideration in the planning and administration of the school.  Each student is placed at his/her appropriate instructional level in reading, mathematics, and in the sciences which allows each student to move along a continuum of tasks as quickly as he/she masters the material.

Quality and excellence in teaching and learning are emphasized at Reid School.

Middle school students learning Algebra.

Why Reid School is a better choice:

  1. Teachers provide immediate feedback during instruction.
  2. Effective communication skills of reading, speaking, and writing are taught.
  3. High level of student involvement.
  4. Achievement is greater.
  5. Provides a positive environment with learning as the primary focus.
  6. Placement of students in materials is higher.
  7. Fewer errors are made.
  8. Increased academically-engaged time is observed.
  9. Retention of subject matter is longer.
  10. Teacher expectations are greater.
  11. Self-esteem increases.
  12. Challenges all students.
  13. Students gain pride in what they do.
  14. Greater delight in learning.
  15. Children come first and taking time for them is expected.
  16. Reading is taught through content such as literature and science.
  17. Caring atmosphere.
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