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Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

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“At the Reid School we educate the whole child” — Dr. Ethna R. Reid, PhD

Accredited by the AdvancED (First through Twelfth Grade).  Validated by the U.S. Department of Education
(Preschool through 12th Grade).

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

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History of Reid School

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The Salt Lake City Reid School began September 1, 1987, in response to requests of parents whose children were in a Preschool sponsored by the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI) and the University of Utah’s Division of Continuing Education.  The first year the school registered students from preschool through third grade.  It now has an Early Preschool or Parent-Infant Program as well as the Preschool Program, a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Elementary School, and a Middle School Sixth through Ninth Grade.

Reid School Korea was begun in 2007.  Mrs. Kim Openshaw, a Reid School teacher and an ECRI trainer, spent two weeks in Korea offering a seminar for Reid School Korea teachers.  The same year Mrs. Anna Kim from Korea became a “Teacher-in-Residence” at Reid School in Salt Lake City.  Students from Korea have registered at Reid School as well as students from Germany, France, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

The faculty’s original philosophy that all students can learn well if they are given: (1) quality instruction, (2) adequate time, and (3) sufficient practice remains strongly in place.  Therefore, instruction at Reid School is diversified with students grouped and re-grouped for various subjects.  Advanced reading/English, mathematics and science classes are offered as students demonstrate mastery.

Specialists teach science, Spanish, Chinese, instrumental music, classical guitar, vocal music, chamber music, literature, physical education, computer usage, journalism, photography, library skills, fencing, art, single camera television and broadcast studio production.

Reid School’s overall objective to provide instruction and motivation that enable all students to learn to speak, write, listen, read, and perform tasks successfully, has been achieved each year since the school opened.  Students’ SAT scores have been the highest in the state, and student gains have been statistically significant in research studies.  Regular education and gifted students at Reid School demonstrate significantly greater gains (p<.001) on the reading subscales of standardized achievement tests than (1) comparison group students receiving their reading instruction and (2) expectancies derived from national normative data.

The Environment

  • A 6.75 acres campus with spacious grass-covered fields and two playgrounds
  • Located in a lovely residential area in East Mill Creek
  • 16 large classrooms, 4 small-size classrooms used by specialists, library, auditorium, stage, multi-purpose room, gymnasium, instrumental music room, science lab, 2 computer labs, media room, 3 offices and reception area, a teacher work room and a large P.E. storage shed.
  • Platinum-Plus school with the Utah State Health Department because of its focus on fitness and nutrition.  Quality school lunch program.
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