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Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

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“At the Reid School we educate the whole child” — Dr. Ethna R. Reid, PhD

Accredited by the AdvancED (First through Twelfth Grade).  Validated by the U.S. Department of Education
(Preschool through 12th Grade).

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

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Summer Reading Camp

Sign Up Now For Reid Ranch’s Summer 2015 Reading Camp

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If you’re looking for a recipe that mixes fun, excitement, and learning into a well balanced summer program – you’ll be interested in Reid Ranch’s summer reading program for children and youth.

We have mountains to climb, horses to ride, three swimming pools, hot tub, archery, paddle boats and canoes on a 12-acre lake, volleyball and other sports.  But, most importantly, we have an outstanding reading and language arts program daily.  The reading teachers are eager to teach.  Responsible and personable counselors are assigned to direct the students’ other activities.

Students may register for one week of instruction in the program.  Instruction will begin on June 8, 2015 and will end on June 12, 2015.  The cost is $800 plus tax.  (This includes the instruction fee of $325 for 3-hours daily instruction and room and board at $475.)  The program is completely individualized so students continue to progress regardless of their reading level.

3-hours daily instruction by ECRI teachers.

Teachers at Reid Ranch use teaching techniques developed by Dr. Ethna R. Reid, Director of the Exemplary Center for Reading Instruction (ECRI).  These techniques have assured success in learning to read, write and spell for hundreds of students.  The ECRI techniques have been validated by the U.S. Department of Education for dissemination nationally.  ECRI is used in most of the 50 states and in some foreign countries.  Data pertaining to its use in school districts and the significant statistical differences that ECRI makes are available upon request.

Also, at the Reid Ranch are outstanding ECRI teachers from throughout the U.S. and some foreign countries who have registered in graduate courses to receive or continue training in ECRI’s techniques – so there is an exciting, academic atmosphere present.

The students receive special tutoring in addition to the three hours daily instruction, and a computer class can be taken while they are at Reid Ranch without extra charge, and your child could practice as many hours a day as desired.

Students participate in an evening skit on stage.

Students hike, fish, boat, swim, ride horses, do archery, frisbee golf, mini-golf, sand volleyball, basketball and many other activities when classes are over.

Recreational activities are included in the room and board cost of $475 plus tax.  We transport the children from (and to) the airport and from the Reid Ranch headquarters, 3310 South 2700 East, if they live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The telephone number at the Ranch is (435) 848-5776, but call the toll free number 1-800-468-3274 during the winter months for information.

Laundry is done once during the camp.  There is no charge for this.  Laundry done more frequently is $2.00 per wash.  The student’s name should be on all wearing apparel.  Pack jeans and sturdy shoes and boots for hiking and riding horses.  Also, pack sweaters and coats for cool evenings and a bathing suit.  One set of best clothes or nice sports clothes will be needed for the return into the city.  Students are encouraged to bring cameras, bird and plant books, binoculars, etc., if desired.  These items should also be marked.  Favorite books can be brought.  Send an inventory with the student of his/her personal belongings.  Please limit the amount of clothes that you send.

Test data for the students are sent to parents following instruction.

Students can go boating. Students can go horseback riding.

See our printable Summer Camp flyer or fill out our online registration form.

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